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EMS planning must be identifie. Leadership : The standard ensures, through an explicit inclusion in this sense, that Senior Management incorporates environmental management into its agenda among the issues of the organizational strategy. Protection of the environment : The current eition of the standard focuses environmental management on the prevention of pollution.

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However, the new eition planne goes a step further by including aspects relate to sustainability through the use of sustainable Bulk SMS Turkey resources, the control of products and materials and their impact measure through the analysis of the life cycle (LCA) , issues relate to climate change, protection of biodiversity,… Environmental action : In line with the previous point.

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The emphasis is place on the continuous improvement not only of the EMS but also of the environmental performance translate BLB Directory into specific commitments relate to the reuction of effluents, emissions and waste generation. Communication: A communication strategy should be develope with the same emphasis on both internal and external issues. In the first case, communication mechanisms must be provide so that workers can make suggestions.


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