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Posted by March 21, 2023

To create a site on choose one of the readymade templates in the online ducatoon. Category where the site design is already adaptd to all the necessary sections. Add the Video app to showcase videos attract new users and monetize content. Download each lesson individually or create an entire media library with different channels. online course website. Set your rates Depending on your neds you can sell an online course in different formats: Buying or renting a single video. Set the price for each video separately and give users the option to buy or rent. In the second case the video will be available only for the specifid period Channel subscription.

How Variable Data Printing Can Help Your Business

The user pays a fixd amount per month and gets unlimit access to all content on the channel. At the end of the term he can renew the subscription to keep access to the content. Subscription plans. Several subscription plans with different prices that give access to different amounts of content. For example a user with a basic plan will only have access to general Whatsapp Mobile Number List lectures while a user with a premium plan will have access to exclusive checklists and author programs. Private lessons in real time. As an additional income you can offer personal lectures for those who want to really delve into the topic and understand specific issues. With the help of online recording tools users can book a lesson at any time convenient for you.

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Why Is a Brief Important for a New Business Website

Also don’t forget to make a small part of your course free. This will help spark interest in users and clearly demonstrate what exactly you are going to teach them. How to price an online course Setting a price for BLB Directory your work is always difficult and not very comfortable. But you deserve a good reward for your hard work. Here is what will help determine the right price for an online course: Market research. See how much similar courses cost. Of course the final price depends on the length of the video and the experience of the teacher however market research will give at least a general idea of ​​​​the price range Spent time.

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