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The analysis and evaluation of the proposals. Proposals that can be linke to any aspect relate to the organization. It is also possible to present ideas to improve the operation of the suggestion box itself. 9. The company must create a form for collecting ideas for this type of protocol in which it is positive to always follow the same steps. In each case, the employee must complete said application in order to process it officially.

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Suggestion box and its benefits for the company A good symptom of mental hygiene in a company environment is that a worker who has a specific dissatisfaction does not respond with indifference to it, but instead becomes Bulk SMS Poland involve in the search for a possible solution by providing a suggestion.This climate of dialogue improves the emotional health of the workers.

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Raises their self-esteem and self-esteem, increases the involvement of the team in the project, increases creativity and provides benefits in two directions by being constructive for the company and for the staff. Therefore, it is a means BLB Directory that promotes the common good. The greater the number of employees that a company has, the more useful the suggestion box is, since in large businesses the communication between boss and workers can become more impersonal.


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