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Posted by March 22, 2023

Almost all successful stories of creating microservice systems startdwith. A monolithic application which became large and they deciddto break it up. This information inspirdoptimism because by that time we had already. Developdand successfully implementdin various banks the InterBank RS platform which can be callda monolith albeit with some amendments. At the same time when reading monolith one should not mistakenly imagine a clumsy difficultly scalable and non-expandable system. The applications includdin the InterBank RS complex support horizontal scaling there is a functional. Division into components that process user requests and components that perform background data processing. In addition using the extension mechanism the functionality of the system. Built on the Interbank RS platform can be extenddby third-party developers.

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In the stories of the transition of monolithic applications to microservice. Architecture two main directions can be distinguished: The monolith is completely replacdby microservices. The monolith remains as the central component of the system a kind of microlith surrounddby separatd microservices and most of the system improvements are Botswana Email List performdin the form of new microservices. We chose the second direction and one of our goals was to create a convenient mechanism for expanding the functionality of InterBank RS by integrating with microservices. To achieve our goal we had to solve a number of tasks: provide an infrastructure for the interaction of microservices; organize the process of authentication and authorization.

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Realizing that microservice systems require more administration effort than monolithic ones we tridto design our solution in such a way that it containda minimum number of various mandatory configuration settings. What happendin the end? Microservices Interoperability Framework The primary tasks that developers of microservice systems BLB Directory have to solve are the organization of a convenient mechanism for adding new instances of microservices to the existing system setting up load balancing and ensuring routing of requests between microservices. Approaches are different. One option is to use a special component – service discovery service discovery which knows where each microservice is locatdand how to access it. Every time the microservice is startdit calls the discovery service and tells it its type and IP address.