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A part-time job, reucing the pension receipt in inverse proportion to the reuction applicable to. A the working day of the pensioner in relation . A to that of a comparable full-time worker. Law 27/2011, of August 1 , on updating, adaptation and modernization of the Social Security system. A through its thirty-first additional provision, incorporate a section. A 4 in article 165 of the LGSS , establishing the compatibility of the pension.

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Retirement with self-employment whose total annual income does not excee the SMI in annual calculation, On March 17, 2013 , Royal Decree Law 5/2013, of March 15 , came into force , on measures to favor the continuity Bulk SMS Bangladesh of the working life of older . A workers and promote active aging that regulates the compatibility. A the pension of retirement with the performance of any work on their own account.

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On behalf of the pensioner, full-time or part-time, with a reuction in the . A retirement pension equivalent to 50 percent of the amount BLB Directory resulting from the initial recognition, once applie, if applicable, the . A maximum limit of public pension, or of the one that is being receive, at the moment of beginning of the compatibility with work, excluding, in any case, the minimum supplement.


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Amende in February 2013, so that the rates to be appeale were as follows, with regard to workers and beneficiaries of Social Security: Cassation appeal: 500 euros 0.10% of the amount of the trial (with a maximum of 2,000 euros for this percentage). Cassation appeal: 750 euros 0.10% of the amount of the trial (with a maximum of 2,000 euros for this percentage). It should be note that the worker could take advantage of a bonus and only had to pay 40% of the amounts cite.

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If, on the other hand, the worker was entitle to free legal assistance, he did not have to pay anything. In addition, if the fee Bulk SMS Bangladesh was not paid, the appeals were not admitte by the courts. The controversies relate to this law (which affecte magistrates, officials, attorneys, etc.) stemme, above all, from the fact that many workers gave up appealing because they could not pay the fees. The Supreme Court observe that the fees were having a perverse effect on equal access to justice.

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In this sense, on June 5, 2013, it promulgate a non-jurisdictional agreement on rates in the social order. According to this, workers, officials BLB Directory and beneficiaries of Social Security would not have to pay fees in labor lawsuits. The decision also affecte trials held prior to the agreement. However, fees continue to be charge. For example, the Superior Court of Justice of Galicia continue to demand them from the workers.