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Relationship marketing . What is relationship marketing? Also known as relationship marketing, this type of strategy goes hand in hand with the change in the paradigm of companies: now they no longer seek only to get new clients (which also), but to retain the ones we already have (integral satisfaction to long term). In this type of marketing, the department in charge must work hand in hand with those of customer service and quality.

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Only in this way will truly lasting relationships be achieve and that customers return to us when it comes to repurchasing the products Bulk SMS Spain we offer and avoid the competition. You may have heard of experiential marketing , which focuses on customers’ feelings about the product and the campaign presente, the emotions and feelings it arouses in them.

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This type of marketing, the relationships between emotional stimuli and the purchase decision are identifie and exploite . How is BLB Directory relationship marketing different from traditional? Before, marketing was always relate to sales. Sell, sell and sell, without worrying about customer satisfaction or their perception of the company. It did not worry more than raising the billing account of the companies.