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Posted by March 22, 2023

These works are ongoing because the company has undertaken further. A support of the system as part of the updating of legislation saving the bank from additional costs. A associatdwith the constant updating of the system in accordance with the new requirements of the regulator. Representatives of Post Bank positively assess the results of our. A joint project confirm the reduction of regulatory and operational risks. A reduction of the load on the ABS and other IT systems of the bank. A optimization of employee time spent on preparing the Central Bank’s reports. Multiple digits Post Bank as planndcontinues to increase capacity. During the project the volume of daily operations increasdby times.

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At the end of the project. million semi-conducts were loaddinto the storage. A daily which is times more than at the start of the project; and now this figure is already. Million and the trend towards further growth continues. The volume of information usdin the storage has grown by and in the future it will increase at least – times more. According to the classical Burundi Email List definition BPM Business Process Management is the concept of managing the business processes of an organization which makes it possible to increase the efficiency of using its resources. For what? The answer is quite simple: if a business process becomes manageable then there are opportunities for optimization – reducing execution time and reducing costs. Let’s consider what results this concept allows to achieve in the automation of bank lending.

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Optimization of the passage of a loan application As an example let’s take the use of BPM in the process of passing a loan application. The results of applying this concept are indicative: the bank reduces the average BLB Directory time for processing customer requests from several hours and sometimes days to a few minutes. How and by what means is this achieved?. With the use of BPM specialists of banking credit departments can independently without resorting to the help of IT services build routes for passing applications using various business processes. To do this they have at their disposal a special platform for modeling processes and constructing diagrams routes.