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The Text-to-Voice studio on the PlayHT website is a feature-rich center for content development. You can easily type, paste or import text, and with a few simple clicks, convert it to audio.

be used in the same audio file, custom pronunciations can be defined, and audio content can be previewed before finalization.

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To meet the demands of different users, PlayHT offers several telemarketing list economical and flexible pricing plans.

Access to 10,000 words per month, five instant voice clones, the entire voice and language library, as well as commercial use and API access are all included in the USD 9 per month personal subscription.

As you progress, you get 50,000 words, 15 instant voice clones, faster generations, and one high-fidelity clone with the Creator plan, which costs US$39 per month.

The Pro plan includes 200,000 words, 50 instant voice clones, an additional high-fidelity clone, avatars, and projects for USD 99 per month.

 features, such as team access, volume voice cloning, ISO/SOC2 certifications, dedicated account management, and a real-time streaming API, customized pricing is affordable for businesses.

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Users can quickly produce a unique voice sample to start using PlayHT’s Instant Voice Clone feature.

The “Create a new file” button can be clicked to start the procedure. The platform BLB Directory provides easy access to previous files by listing them under “Recent Files.”

Enter a good name for the new voice and upload a high quality audio sample that is at least 30 seconds long to start the voice cloning process.