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That they deem appropriate through this meium, which is a symbol of active listening, since that the company responds with involvement to these proposals that facilitate the implementation of quality programs. However, it should be pointe out that the suggestion box can also be a source of frustration for workers if they confuse the function of this meium. Making a proposal in the suggestion box does not mean that the company will carry.

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It out immeiately as a cause and effect, but rather that it will analyze the proposal objectively, assessing its possible practical viability and its level of adde value for the entire team. or for a business department. In other words, the Bulk SMS Czech Republic suggestion box is not the box of wishes that grants all the requests of the employees, but there must be an analysis filter to be able to study every day. However, although the plans propose by the workers cannot always.

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On the other hand, it is highly recommende that all the proposals have a response from the company providing a specific explanation . This feeback will motivate workers to continue taking the initiative to propose ideas that are also BLB Directory very constructive for the business, since it is a means to encourage workers to share their talent. Whether the company carries out an idea or if it will not be able to carry out the proposal.


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