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It should be note that these changes in the legislation on rates are not only the concern of employe workers. The exemption from paying fees to natural persons logically includes the self-employe. Consequently, within the framework of the labor sphere, the self-employe worker who has been sue by their employees will not have to pay any fee if they wish to exercise their right to appeal. In addition, the self-employe worker must not pay any fee if they decide to sue an employee.

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Example in the following cases: claim for compensation for not complying with the notice before a voluntary leave, receipt SMS Gateway Slovenia of undue amounts that a worker does not want to return or breach of non-compete clauses. In short, the collection of fees in Justice, the course of which has been analyze in this text, has cause a strong controversy in legal and political spheres.

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The collection intention and the corollary of the disincentive were causing a context of inequality in access to justice. In summary, a lack BLB Directory of protection of effective judicial protection. A circumstance, if possible, more pernicious in times of economic crisisIndustrial engineering is the branch of engineering that is responsible for designing, analyzing, interpreting and controlling the production process.


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