There Are Especially Differences

The most common question is whether the area of ​​competence would be that of the social or commercial jurisdiction. What happens when a company declares bankruptcy? When a company finds itself in a situation of very serious economic crisis, one of the alternatives that it can use to try to avoid its liquidation is bankruptcy. In order to benefit from this action, there must be reliable evidence that the company is in a crisis.

The Different Territorial Entities

This crisis must be very serious and involve the risk of the closure of the company. The bankruptcy has two purposes. The first of these is the liquidation of a series of debts that the company has been able to contract with Bulk SMS New Zealand creitors. And secondly, try to avoid the closure of the company. However, on many occasions the second purpose is not met and the final result of a company being bankrupt ends up being the closure of the same.

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The Lack Of A Solution

This entails a series of complications and damages for workers for different reasons. The first of these is that it is very likely that they will not see all the debts that the company has with them settle. The second of these is that they BLB Directory will inevitably lose their job, with all the inconveniences that this can entail for anyone. Labor actions and workers’ rights during bankruptcy Despite the critical economic situation that a company.


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