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Allowing the markets to function freely through the free play of supply and demand and eliminating the distortions generate by the public business sector. In addition, public revenue will increase, reucing the public debt and therefore also the public deficit , the inflow of foreign capital will increase and the national capital market will develop.

Will Not Be Simple

Allowing a large population to become the owner of the companies in their environment. The detractors of privatizations are base Bulk SMS Philippines on the loss of jobs in privatize companies, causing unemployment to grow, but being necessary to make companies competitive. They also defend that the most disadvantage classes of society will be harme.

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So That Political And Territorial

Since the goods and services sold by companies, formerly public and now private, may no longer be accessible to them. For them, the investment of foreign capital, far from being an advantage, becomes a major drawback, since it BLB Directory implies the alienation of the national patrimony and therefore a loss for the country. At the same time.


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