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Today you can do I think it is useful to read the new book by Alessio Beltrami , founder of ContentMarketingItalia , entitl: How to promote your business on the web without advertising publish by Franco Angels. “ Talk to your audience using their language and talking about what interests them. You won’t be able to create a good Content Marketing strategy if you don’t know your target well. You have to offer him the information he is interest in and speak his jargon. As such, you won’t be targeting millennials and a more traditional -year-old audience in the same way.

Jonathan Lister VP

Sales Solutions & Canada Country Manager seo expate bd at LinkIn So I thought I’d ask him some questions to better explain his work and delve deeper into the concept of Content Marketing and its correct use for brands in the company. Alessio in your latest book proposes Content Marketing solutions. Many use this term but perhaps few truly know its power. Can you explain exactly what Content Marketing is for you? Content Marketing represents the possibility for every activity (from professionals to large companies to brands) to generate interest and trust in users.

Unlike advertising which

Chases customers, invading their space BLB Directory and time, Content Marketing acts with an opposite dynamic: it creates the conditions so that customers chase the company to access information that takes shape thanks to the contents ( texts, audio, video etc.). In your book you talk about the ne to generate trust and attention in customers. Being a communication consultant, how do you experience this aspect with your clients? Attention and trust are precious assets, increasingly difficult to gain. There is no way to build a lasting business relationship without these elements. As a consultant I have appli all the trust generators that I recommend to my clients to my business.

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