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Posted by April 6, 2023

These cannot be quick, unplanne actions, organize ad hoc. Then the company will not achieve its goals. Companies with brand portfolios must decide how their brands should be organize for both internal organization and external communication. DA Aaker and E. Joachminsthaler in their book “The Brand Relationship Spectrum: The Key to the Brand Architecture Challenge” liste four types of brand strategies. Commplace – more than a PR agency Brand strategy – definition The first brand strategy is: sub-brand.

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It concerns the creation of a so-calle subsidiary brand as a result of combining two names: the name of the main brand with another name in one product category or in a completely new category. The sub-brand has its own logo, colors, even phone number list a different image, all so that the mother brand can reach a new group of customers and build relationships with them. This brand strategy helps the parent brand build loyalty, affection and trust. Consumers, thanks to the success of the subsidiary brand, are more likely to buy products of the parent brand. There are many examples of companies that have implemente this strategy in their operations.

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McCafe is a sumbar of McDonad’s, Corolla is a sub-brand of Toyota, Honor is a sub-brand of Huawei. Another propose brand strategy is the so-calle brand supporte, promote. “It consists in creating a sub-brand with its own identity for specific BLB Directory business units under the parent brand, which are in one of the brand portfolio.” They leverage the brand equity and reputation of the parent brand. They don’t have to build brand awareness from scratch. What can be gaine from this? Increasing the prestige, creibility and reputation of the parent brand. Examples of such activities are, for example, Avengers, Spider-man, which are a sub-brand of Marvel Universe, or Obsession by Calvin Klein.

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