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Posted by March 21, 2023

Therefore if the training is a compilation of wellknown facts from Google users may be disappoint and even demand a refund. To avoid this diversify your sources of information. Study competitors’ courses find rare specialize literature attach links to various studies and experiments. In addition do keyword research to better understand topics that your course audience might be interest in. To add personality to an online course go beyond general information and focus on interesting details. For example an online course on plant care will inevitably include basic information about watering and the amount of sunlight. However you can go further and include much more niche information in the course for example a lecture on indoor fertilizers or a list of plants that purify the air in the apartment.

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Create a lesson plan A carefully thought-out lesson plan will help at the stage of creating course materials as well as when filling the future site with content. Break the course into lessons and the lessons into the topics you are going to cover. Arrange them in a logical order: from simple to complex from general concepts to more detail ones. Describe the Phone Number List purpose of each lesson this will make it easier for you to add relevant content and for course participants to form the right expectations from a particular topic. Here is a short outline for an example flower care course that you can use as a template Lesson How to water flowers Lesson Objective: Learn how often to water different types of plants. Topics covered: Importance of watering.

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Danger of too abundant watering; How to water different types of plants; How to determine the lack or excess of water in the soil. Lesson : Plants and Lighting Lesson goal : Find out how much light certain plants BLB Directory require and how to control this at home. Topics coverd: The role of light in plant photosynthesis How much light do certain types of plants require; How and when to use fluorescent lights Lesson : Parasites and pests The purpose of the lesson: To learn how to identify different types of pests on plants and deal with them.

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