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The Social Court number 2 of Barcelona argues that the duration of the trial period must be base on the worker’s qualification cannot be the same for all workers, declaring the 1-year trial period not in accordance with the law. In addition, it can violate the right to collective bargaining, since the duration of the trial period of 1 year would be impose by law.

So That Not A Drop Of Water

The Navarro parliament file an appeal for unconstitutionality on certain aspects of the labor reform, among which was SMS Gateway Norway the aforementione trial period. The Judgment of the plenary session of the Constitutional Court, date July 16, 2014, appeal of unconstitutionality No. 5603/2012. Speaker: Hon. Mr. D. Andrés Ollero Tassara.

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Depending On This And Other Factors

Settles the matter by supporting the labor reform and declaring the constitutionality of the trial period of 1 year The constitutional court argues: That the BLB Directory measure now analyze supposes extending the traditional purpose of the trial period ; In this new contractual modality, it is aime not only at facilitating mutual knowlege of the parties.


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