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Are there solutions? Most cities do not have an adequate citizen information service, nor do they have plans to reuce pollution and improve air quality. In Spain there is an . A obligation to develop two types of plans to reuce pollution. On the . A one hand, the legislation (mentione in previous paragraphs) establishes that city councils and autonomous communities must draw up action plans in the event of pollution episodes.

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On the other hand, it is also mandatory to have continuous, long-term plans to improve air quality. Generally, these action Bulk SMS Israel plans are contemplate for 3 pollutants: particles, nitrogen dioxide and ozone from the lower layer of the . A atmosphere (troposphere). As an example, the action protocol of the . A city of Madrid divides the city into 4 different zones, depending on the population, the amount of traffic and the air quality measurement and control stations.

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In addition, it establishes 4 possible scenarios, from the lowest to the highest concentration of pollutants. In the case of maximum BLB Directory contamination, it is planne to act as follows: Reuce spee to 70 kilometers per hour. Prohibit parking in certain areas. Restrict to 50% the circulation of vehicles in the central area of ​​the city. Depending on the number.


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