And Marketing invites us to understand the customer

Learning and discovery The first stage is the moment when the consumer begins to perceive a ne , is seeking information and learning more And Marketing invites  about the subject. It is even possible to replace the word “ne” with dissatisfaction . This is because, at this initial moment, the discovery that there is something that bothers the potential client is not just relat to issues necessary for survival . It could be an unfulfill desire , for example, that results in a feeling of dissatisfaction! So the focus here should be on offering ucational content : articles, videos and infographics help the consumer to better understand their desire, problem or ne

Then he starts looking for more specific

Also highly recommend that you use social mia to share tips, facts and insights that help you in your learning and discovery process. Additionally, it is important to optimize your content for search engines ( SEO ) so that they can easily find  special data  your  And Marketing invites  company when searching for relat information! 2. Recognition of the problem Now, the potential customer is already aware of your dissatisfaction. Then he starts looking for more specific information to understand how he can solve it. Here, offer more in-depth content that addresses the challenges fac by consumers and possible solutions.

The Selling digital products

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The use of E-mail Marketing can also be a good way, with informative e-mails and resource tips relat to the problem in question. Holding lives and webinars is another great option to delve deeper into relevant topics and offer solutions in  BLB Directory   an interactive way! Email marketing: the key to competitive advantage 3. Consideration of the solution The Selling digital products , such as online courses and e-books, has become a huge business opportunity on the Internet. It is the path that many have chosen to follow, whether to make extra income or to fully invest in a career as a content creator. Inevitably, popularity also increases competition in the industry.




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