Apris journey at DTS PROA

Has really helped him get closer to his vision and mission. Apri feels there is more to learn and hopes that one day he can become an accomplished ASN through the technological innovations he creates for his institution. The world of tech isn’t just for men As a woman entering the world of technology—even if starting in a field not related to science—Apri hopes to encourage her fellow women to start entering the world of IT. “When we dare to try new things, there are only two possibilities before us, either success or failure. But when we are afraid of starting, we will definitely face failure. Therefore, be brave and start learning. The world of IT is not only It’s just for men because there are a lot of great women in this field as well.” April encouraged his female friends to continue studying.

And reminded them that

Free study facilities are now widely available. There are various technical learning programs to satisfy your intellectual curiosity, such as DTS PROA. In addition, Apri invites everyone who wants to strictly compete in the workplace to improve their abilities. One whatsapp data of the best ways Apri recommends is to participate in the DTS PROA program. This program can be the first step for every professional to increase the value of their abilities. Learning to code brought these 3 people closer to their dreams Dreams are one of the inseparable things in human life. We all certainly have a dream that can be realized in many ways. The three inspirational people we will review in this article also had their own dreams.

However the three of them

Achieved their dreams in the same way. They all learn to code in order to get closer to what they want to achieve.   Muhammad Yusuf    graduate who fulfilled his dream by learning to code and teach learn to code idcamp x coding For Muhammad Yusuf BLB Directory Aristyanto (22), the best way to learn is through teaching. The young developer graduated in statistical computing from the School of Statistics of the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS). In addition to working full-time as a computer administrator at BPS, Yusuf frequently works as a technical training instructor at DQLab and as a seasonal data consultant at Data Bangalore. 

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