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Posted by April 6, 2023

Employee retention and flexibility: The HR perspective Marine Fournier, director of human resources at Powell Software, has a more sensible approach. According to Marine Fournier, from an HR perspective, employee retention and rducing staff turnover are the most important cost-cutting measures. And why? Replacing good employees is expensive and time-consuming. Did you know it costs 1.5 times an employee’s salary to replace them? Or that new hires take up to 8 months to be as productive as the person they replace? The bottom line is: if you have good employees, you should keep them.

Must Work Toward A Shared Vision

That is often easier said than done. There are two standout drivers for employee retention in 2023: salary or benefits and flexibility. Salaries database and benefits are fundamental. With rising inflation, workers nd to feel secure and be able to pay mounting bills. When an employer cannot raise salaries, other benefits become important. For example, if the employer offers health insurance, pays for commuting, or contributes to the cost of Wi-Fi for telecommuters . Flexible working is also crucial. Employees who prove they can be just as productive at homewon’t want to return to the office. Hybrid and remote work will continue to be popular in 2023. Even those returning or always working face-to-face will want flexibility in their workdays.


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Better ROI for technology and tools: The perspective of marketing and communication Cost rductions in 2023 will also depend on greater BLB Directory efficiencies, particularly in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtechnology. There are technologies that help us improve or streamline almost any task. Digital tools have made life easier for every department. However, in 2023 we will be careful to streamline our technology packages, keeping only the essentials and ensuring they have a positive ROI.

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