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The request for payment for payment (in claims of less than 6,000 euros), the counterclaim (when in the response to the demand, a request that had not been include in the demand is presente), the request for bankruptcy, the appeals and appeals before the Supreme Court and the Provincial Court and the contentious-administrative appeal that initiates the proceure ordinary administrative.

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Fees were also impose to exercise opposition to the execution of judicial titles (in the social order, In relation to the fixe amount SMS Gateway Japan stipulate for the fees, depending on the order in which they were inserte, the amounts can be seen below: 1. Civil order: 100 euros for payment proceures. 150 euros for verbal and exchange trials. 300 euros for ordinary trials. 800 euros for the appeal. 1,200 euros for the appeal.

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Contentious-administrative order: 200 euros for the abbreviate proceure. 350 euros for the ordinary proceure. 800 euros BLB Directory for the appeal. 1,200 euros for the weing. 3. Social order: 500 euros for the appeal. 750 euros for the appeal. Changes in the legislation about fees The law approve in November 2012, which gave rise to the aforementione controversy.


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