The Different Territorial Entities

Litigate will have the right to free justice, even when they do not legally reside in Spain. Finally, regardless of the resources to enter into litigation (that is, income), the following groups will be able to access free justice: Victims of gender violence, terrorism and human trafficking. People with mental disabilities and minors.

That Make Up The Spanish State

Who have been victims of mistreatment or abuse. Successors, in case of death of the victim and provide they are not the aggressors. Finally, in the social jurisdictional order, with regard to defense in court, workers and Bulk SMS Czech Republic beneficiaries of the Social Security system have their right of access to free justice recognize, without the nee to prove insufficient resources.

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Depending On The Interests Of Each Territory

Proceures and documentation In relation to the social jurisdictional order, which is mentione in the previous paragraph, it will only be necessary BLB Directory to go to the Legal Guidance Service (SOJ) of the corresponding bar association. There the request will be formalize and the appropriate complaint or complaint will be provide.


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