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Today companies are force to not only find the best profiles for them to work in their offices, but to keep the ones they have already found. Fostering a good working environment and keeping employees happy is no longer enough: it may be that another company offers the same, but with better conditions, and the company is left without the best professionals. Human resources marketing and internal marketing are two allies for the management and retention of talent.

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That those responsible for the department should know and promote. Marketing department professionals have always worke to attract customers, keep them and retain them, in constant collaboration with designers and publicists who help shape communication campaigns. The final objective was to increase Bulk SMS Jordan the number of sales , but without forgetting the creation of a brand image in people’s minds and facilitating fluid communication.

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That allows knowing in advance the nees of those who may become customers. . In recent times, concepts such as internal branding have also emerge . It is a way of internalizing the philosophy of the company in the minds BLB Directory of company workers. It even goes further: thanks to tools such as internal marketing , it is possible for employees to be the first preceptors.

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