In the Event That They Are Not Respecte

Regarding the information that it must contain to be considere valid. This is due to the fact that, if the letter containing the impose reprimand is undate , its validity will be in question. When can a sanction be impose on a worker? Before starting to assess whether a sanction letter is valid when it does not include a date, it is important to know when a worker can be reprimande.

That Must Be Respecte

According to article 58 of the Workers’ Statute , an employee can be penalize by the management of the company in two cases. The first of them is that it transgresses the legal provisions . If this happens, filing a complaint Bulk SMS Azerbaijan will be fully justifie. The second case in which a worker can be penalize is in the event that they carry out an action that is include in the applicable collective agreement as an infraction.

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Workers Continue to Have a Series of Rights

As a general rule, reprimands include either the termination of the employment relationship or the suspension of employment BLB Directory and salary for a period of time determine by the company itself. What is a sanction letter? A sanction letter is, in general terms, the document in which the employee is informe of the punishment that the management and administration of the company has impose on him.


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