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Signs of authority They have a positive impact on the organic citations of articles and blogs. Web link strategies must be well thought out. The Penguin algorithm does sanction abuse. There are several techniques that allow you to get free and quality backlinks such as guest posts infographics social networks or directories. Write Articles for Blogs in Your Topic To get backlinks you can offer bloggers the opportunity to write articles for their websites. There are several advantages to these guest posts. Bloggers get free web content in his theme. You can benefit from links integrat into the articles you write. Give priority to websites with strong authority. Links from its pages will have greater weight in Google’s eyes. Always choose a blog that has a similar topic to yours.

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Articles that provide responses from experts Malta Telemarketing Data in your field. Create Infographics to Get New Links Infographics are popular in all topics. They are easy to read. They can be easily shar on blogs or social networks. It’s very easy to find a website that’s willing to post a link to an infographic. So this type of content is interesting for getting backlinks. Creating infographics certainly requires some skills. But it will also help you gain web traffic and visibility. Another advantage of this tool is that it allows you to insert backlinks in images or titles. Google realizes that anchor links are not always plac within articles. Comment on blogs and forums to generate free backlinks You can post comments on blog posts and forums.

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You must take care to provide relevant Switzerland WhatsApp Number List responses that are relevant to your event. There are several ways to be punish. To avoid search engines spamming your links only insert links when the exchange is of good quality. Again this is a way to enhance traffic and SEO. Get interview Another way to do this is to ask a blogger or influencer to post your interview when you are looking for links. You can easily insert a backlink to your blog in this page. Communicating with professionals in your field about your activities will bring you high-quality backlinks. In addition to getting links you can promote your business and drive traffic. This is an interesting strategy for natural citations.

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