How does Google Keyword Planner work?

The main functions of google keyword planner for doing seo with google ads. Organizing seo in total autonomy is not possible. Seo (search engine optimization) is a set of strategies. Aimed at optimizing a website for search engines . To apply these strategies you need data and information. That you do not have directly, but which are calculated by google’s algorithm. Google complicates our life with seo , it’s true, but it also offers us excellent tools to manage it better. The keyword is a bit of a summary of the article. Determine what the user will find in your content and above all identify what the user is looking for .¬†

SEO and keywords: how to write an article?

Writing an seo article is not easy .New Data  First of all you need to know the basics of copywriting . Then you need to know how to create a flowing structure , use direct language and finally use keywords . A keyword, also called keyword , is a word or phrase used to search by users . Even if we are different individuals. When we search for something on the internet , we all do it in the same way, on average with the same words . Each of us, in fact, tends to summarize the topic , with the words that most define it, which are the same for everyone. Determine what the user will find in your content and above all identify what the user is looking for . Reasoning by keywords is the only way to move up in the serp .

What is Google Keyword Planner?

Google keyword planner is an integrated feature of ads . BLB Directory Ads is an advertising service that. Allows you to plan a marketing campaign to be included in search results. Do you know those two or three sites in the top positions of google with the ” ad ” brand? Here, those are made with ads. Ads, to create a convincing advertising campaign. Needs a series of integrated tools , such as the google keyword planner functions . Don’t worry, you don’t have to schedule an advertisement to use it, you just need to have an ads account. Google keyword planner features allow. You to research how a particular keyword is perceived on the web. Let’s see better what it is.

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