How to Add British Number on Whatsapp

Posted by August 9, 2023

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging apps globally, connecting friends, family, and colleagues across borders. If you’re looking to add a British phone number to your WhatsApp account, whether you’re a resident, traveler, or business professional, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process.

Install WhatsApp

If you haven’t already, download and install the WhatsApp application from your device’s app store. WhatsApp is available for both iOS France WhatsApp number data and Android platforms. Launch the WhatsApp app by tapping its icon. If you’re a new user, you’ll need to set up your account by agreeing to the terms of service and providing your phone number.

Verify Your British Phone Number

Whatsapp Number List

When prompted, select your country code (+44 for the UK) from the drop-down menu.
Enter your British phone number without the leading zero (e.g., for a UK number like 01234 567890, enter 1234567890).
Double-check the number for accuracy, as an incorrect number may result in failed verification.
WhatsApp will send a verification code to the provided British phone number via SMS.
Enter the code in the app to verify your ownership of the number.
If you don’t receive the code, you can opt for a voice call to receive it.

Profile Setup

Once verified, you can set up your profile by adding your name and a profile picture.
You can also customize your BLB Directory privacy settings to control who can see your information and contact you.
Adding Contacts To start messaging, add contacts to your WhatsApp by either syncing your device’s contacts or manually entering the numbers. Ensure you include the British country code (+44) when saving contacts from the UK.

Start Messaging

Find your contacts in the “Chats” tab and start sending messages, voice notes, images, and videos.
WhatsApp also supports group chats, voice and video calls, as well as sharing documents.
If you’re a business professional, you can also set up a WhatsApp Business account using your British phone number.
WhatsApp Business offers additional features like automated messages, product catalogs, and business profiles.
In conclusion, adding a British phone number to WhatsApp is a straightforward process that involves verifying your number, setting up your profile, and adding contacts.

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