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The AI ​​text-to-speech feature of Speechify runs very smoothly and efficiently.

words on the page and reads them out quickly, without any delay or delay, whether it is installed as a browser extension or its mobile app .

With the robotic tones of the past gone, this seamless approach allows readers to have a fluid and natural reading experience.

Speechify goes beyond conventional text-to-speech solutions thanks to major advances in AI voice synthesis. It is possible to change tones and accents according to the prepared text.

ces become more dynamic and human-like, enhancing the listening learning experience.

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To meet the demands of different phone list users, Speechify offers two price levels. The “Speechify Limited” subscription, which is free, provides access to text-to-speech functions as well as 10 custom reading voices and listening at up to 1x speed.

You can choose the “Speechify Premium” subscription for $11.58 per month (or $139 paid annually) for a more complete experience.

This package provides the ability to scan and listen to any printed material at 5x faster listening speeds, as well as 30+ high-quality natural reading voices in 20+ languages.

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Phone Number List

Speechify also has pricing options for voice work.

The “Professional” plan offers unlimited downloads. Access to all 120+ voices in 20+ languages ​​and accents. 100 hours of voice generation per user per year, commercial usage rights, and premium. Support -priority for an annual cost. Of $239 (65% discount) or $468 if paid monthly.

The “Enterprise” subscription BLB Directory offers personal onboarding, unlimited voice creation, and collaboration capabilities. Contact the sales team to provide you with pricing information for the Enterprise package.

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