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Whatever the working day employment or activity carrie out by the pensioner. Finally, the retirement benefit is compatible with jobs that imply affiliation to the mutual benefit of a professional association.(Lawyers, architects can carry out their activity on their own without having to register in the Self-Employe Regime if they choose to join the corresponding mutual society of the association) so they can reconcile the retirement.

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Pension obtaine in the general regime with professional practice without any deuction from the amount of the benefit. The argument to SMS Gateway Lithuania establish this compatibility is that there is no reciprocal recognition of contributions between the pension systems of professional associations and Social Security, these jobs are compatible with the system’s retirement pension.

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The conclusion is: That the retirement pension and self-employment are compatible as long as it does not generate income greater than BLB Directory the SMI in annual calculation. That the retirement pension in any social security scheme is compatible with self-employment or employment, but the amount of the retirement pension will be equivalent to 50 percent of the amount.


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