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Release water for more demanding uses and improve its condition. This tool increases the guarantee of water supply for already consolidate uses, thanks to the replacement of pre-drinking water with reclaime water. In addition, on the coast it will facilitate the net availability of water. Likewise, it is essential that these laws have a correct coordination with other planning instruments of water resources, such as: Basin Hydrological Plans. Special Action Plans in Alert Situations and Eventual Drought.

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National Water Quality Plan: Sanitation and Purification 2007-2015. Zero Tolerance Shock Plan for Spills. National Irrigation Plan. In summary, these legal provisions are part of a State action plan that is governe by the following Bulk SMS Colombia principles: Guarantee of quality and availability. Efficient and sustainable management. Promotion of reuse and regeneration system.

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Irrigation modernization. Acquisition of new resources. Promotion of research. Use of new technologies. Climate change: an incentive BLB Directory to reuse Despite the existing controversies regarding its incidence, the effects of climate change are beginning to be taken into account, with regard to future calculations of water use. In this regard, it is necessary to anticipate its consequences.


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