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The social agencies to file their claim and this court declares itself not competent. And that, after this, they went to the mercantile dependencies and there the mercantile court also declare itself as not competent. In this case, a conflict of jurisdiction could arise through which the competent court to hear the specific case would be determine. Social and commercial competition: this is how it would remain after the ruling of the Supreme Court If the company in question.

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Enters into bankruptcy before the workers present their claim before a labor court, the order would be considere null and Bulk SMS Australia the enforcement office would be denie. In case the court had already starte executing the case, it would be archive. In the event that this happene, the former employees would have to go to the commercial court where the bankruptcy of their company was taking place and present the claims there. If the bankruptcy has been declare after.

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The filing of the demands of the former employees of the company, the court would issue a Decree suspending the execution BLB Directory of the case until the bankruptcy is resolve. And once with the result of this contest, it will be possible to continue with the demand before the social jurisdiction with total normality. Know the law to know if a matter is of social or commercial competence When it happens that several workers are fire due to the serious crisis of your company.


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