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We’ve been using pixels (px) to describe design elements throughout this article. But pixels are not an ideal unit for accessible sizing and spacing or for css styling. A pixel is an absolute unit while relative units such as em and rem are more accessible and provide better flexibility for responsive email design. Relative units make it easier for subscribers to customize the viewing experience to their personal preferences. That’s because the ratio of the entire design stays the same when a recipient uses the zoom function. Plus em units are support across all email clients.

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¬†You should use em units for styling the size of fonts buttons and backgrounds as well as the margin and padding in your layout. With font sizes for example a unit of 1 em is equal to the current or default size. So if an email b2b leads client or web browser displays text at 16 pixels by default 2 pixels would display text at 32 pixels and 1.5 pixels would show text at 24 pixels. Using a unit less than 1 such as 0.75 em would display a smaller 12 px font to potentially use in email footer copy or for disclaimers. Here’s an example in which the default or root font size is 16 px: main heading is 32px.

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The body copy in the paragraph is 16 pixels and there is 16 pixels of margin for spacing around the text and headings. The h2 sub-heading is 24px. Learn more about using absolute vs. Relative units in email in an explanation from mark robinson on his blog good email code.set the lang attribute before a screen reader produces an audio output BLB Directory from the text in your email; it nes to know what language it is processing. Using lang= ensures the assistive technology pronounces words correctly. This attribute should be locat in the html doctype at the top of your email code. Here’s how it would look for an email you intend to read in spanish: …using lang=”es” lets the screen reader know it should speak in.

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