How to Check Mobile Number of a Sim

Posted by August 9, 2023

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to check the mobile number of a SIM card but can’t remember it off the top of your head? Whether you’ve got a new SIM, switched devices, or simply can’t recall your own number, fret not – there are easy ways to retrieve this essential information. In this article, we’ll explore various methods to quickly and conveniently check the mobile number associated with a SIM card.

Dial a USSD Code

One of the simplest ways to check your mobile number is by using a USSD code. Most mobile network operators provide a unique USSD Taiwan phone number data code that you can dial to receive an instant message containing your phone number. Typically, this code is something like #100# or ##4636##*. Once you enter the code in your device’s dialer and press the call button, a pop-up message will display your mobile number.

Call or Text a Friend

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If you’re around friends or family members, consider using your device to make a call or send a text message to someone you trust. Once the call is connected or the message is sent, your recipient will see your mobile number displayed on their screen. This method can be particularly helpful if you’re unable to remember or find your mobile number in your device settings.

Check Device Settings

For smartphone users, checking your mobile number through device settings is an option. Navigate to your device’s settings, then go to the ‘About BLB Directory Phone’ or ‘About Device’ section. Here, you should find an option called ‘Status’ or ‘Phone Identity.’ Tapping on this will reveal details about your SIM card, including your mobile number.

Contact Customer Service

When all else fails, you can always reach out to your mobile network’s customer service. Call their helpline or visit their official website for assistance. Customer service representatives are trained to help you with various issues, including retrieving your mobile number. They might ask you to provide some personal information to verify your identity before providing you with the information you need.

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