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The elimination of the collection of fees Royal Decree-Law 1/2015, of February 27, repeale, three years later, the taxes on individuals. Therefore, they would no longer be enforceable in any type of resource or proceure. What had happene so that the same government that promote the collection of fees repeale it, without the legislature coming to an end? Basically, the verification that the effects of the crisis.

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Together with the disincentive represente by the rates themselves, had cause a situation of inequality in access to justice by SMS Gateway Estonia Spanish citizens. The repeal of the fees, therefore, was in line with the guarantee of effective judicial protection. During the validity of this fee system, 560 million euros had been collecte, between citizens and companies (125 of them from individuals). For their part, employers will benefit from the modifications relating to claims under 2,000 euros.

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Regard to the rest, the rates will have a regulation similar to that implemente in 2003. Despite their claims against the measure, SMEs will continue to pay them. These modifications, in force since March 2, 2015, also affect workers BLB Directory immerse in bankruptcy proceeings and who wish to appeal before the Commercial Courts. For example, when they are not satisfie with the salary, seniority or category that they are recognize.

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