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 The graphic designer’s fee includes, among other things, creative design and negotiations with the client. 3. Web designer (also covers maintenance of www pages) his own service precisely, but at this point you should think about what is the best option for the customer. It can be difficult for the customer to take over the design of the web pages from you, if the implementation and maintenance of the pages is left to other service providers. So try to offer a holistic solution that makes the customer easier at this point.

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In this job, you need skills in how to design and build websites new database efficiently and skillfully, and how to secure server space for each customer. You also need some search engine optimization skills and the insight required for marketing. You must also have a “good eye” for color scheme and visual appearance.  charges according to the project. On average, the price of the project is 1,000–5,000 €, depending on the whole. In this case, the web designer may bill 5,000–20,000 €/month. It is completely realistic to take on 2–4 customers per month. 4.

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 Editor This job requires some skill, but for example I have learned to edit my own BLB Directory YouTube videos with iMovie . Well, they’re not quite perfect, but I’m quite happy with the end result. Video editing is a job that you can learn on your own with just the help of Youtube guide videos or study the media field at school. One option is to study Udemy’s inexpensive online courses independently . For example, four weeks of active study and practice will surely make you a better editor than I am at the moment. The good thing about an editor’s work is that there are jobs available from small editing jobs to large projects (design, filming + editing).

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