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Also public and private organizations have been working hand in hand for a long time to help them get out of the hell in which they live. public initiative Since 2012, there has been an initiative promote by the Government Delegation for Gender Violence, calle “Companies for a society free of gender violence” . This is a project that seeks the involvement of private companies in this problem.

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Due to their important role as agents of social awareness. Thus, the objectives of this initiative are, fundamentally: Promote Bulk SMS Colombia the labor and social integration of the victims, a basic pillar to break economic and, in many cases, social dependence on the couple. Raise awareness about violence against women in the workplace. Society can do a lot of good just by showing its support for women.

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Rejecting the abuser in every possible way. It will make him feel alone and the victim will have more strength to denounce her BLB Directory situation and get away from him. Facilitate labor and geographic mobility of victims, should they nee it. In extreme cases, putting distance in the middle is the only way to get out of a situation of abuse. At times like this, the victim is going to nee more than ever for his company.


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