Segmenting your audience

segmenting your audience56% of people say they’ll unsubscribe from an email list if the content isn’t relevant to them. Yet marketers continue to send the same content to their entire list .  Hoping that people will be interest.Your audience is full of individuals who all have different interests. To keep your content relevant and avoid unsubscribe. Start thinking of ways to break up your list by personas. Segmenting your audiences by age .Location .Or profession can give you better ideas of what content to send them .  And in turn.Keep them engag.

For more on segmentation

For more on segmentation and what it looks like in practice .Make sure to check out our guide to segmentation in marketing for the asia email list evolving’re not a/b testingA/b testing is an easy way to test different elements of your email and see what your audience prefers. A lot of brands neglect to do it .But those who do have seen big results.We ran an a/b test a while back .Simply testing the tone of an email. One email us positive language. While the other was design to try and create a sense of urgency and gravity. Turns out .Our audience is pretty positive. The email with the positive tone won with a 22% higher conversion rate.

One last newsletter mistake

One last newsletter mistake that marketers make with their newsletters is that they don’t monitor their results. Reviewing your metrics after each campaign gives you invaluable BLB Directory insights into what kind of content your audience is responding to.This allows you to understand your subscribers on a deeper level .  And learn what preferences they have: if they prefer shorter or longer subject lines. Or if they like all-text emails as oppos to ones with images.

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