Select Create Audience and then Custom

Simply go to the top right menu of Ads Manager and select Audiences. Audience. Next you’ll create a custom audience where you can choose how to retarget your ads. You can choose to retarget your ads based on engagement. These ads will be targeted to users who have interacted with your ads in the past. For example, you can use this option to contact someone again if they watch your ad in its entirety or click on it. Website Traffic These are people who not only visited your website but also completed actions such as signing up for a newsletter or adding a product to their shopping cart. Customer Profiles These are the email addresses that customers provide to you to sign up for newsletter promo codes or orders. These custom audiences were previously.

Show interest in your product

With a little creativity in your ads the chances Indonesia TG Number Data of converting them will be high. For example you can show discounts to people who viewed your products to drive purchases. Show more creative product videos to people who like to watch video ads. Show similar products to customers who have purchased from you. One of the most common problems we see with Lookalike Audiences is people saying they’re seeing a lot of traffic but no sales are happening. While this can be caused by a few different factors the most common one is that they are not targeting the right audience. Targeting lookalike custom audiences allows you to target users whose demographics closely match those of your existing customers. Pixel To create a lookalike audience you need to follow the following steps.

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Steps to Create a Custom Audience Select

Lookalike Audiences from the Audience France Telegram Number creation menu Select the countries and regions you want to target Finally select the percentage of users you want to target in your location. Pro tip Using retargeting is only effective if you’re tracking more than a few actions per month. If you are just starting out and therefore don’t have a lookalike audience then you first need to focus on audience building ads. Providing audience data will allow advertising managers to understand how your target audience performs over time. Targeting specific pages With all the features provided you gain insights into your positioning. For example, suppose a user visits a specific item in a store and stays there for a while. This tells you that the user is definitely interested in the product. You can target what this user has viewed.

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