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Different autonomous communities of Spain and the cities of Ceuta and Melilla. But how is this calendar made? Article 37 of the workers’ statute . A establishes that Labor holidays , which will be paid and non-recoverable, may not excee fourteen a year, of which two will be local. In any case, those of the Nativity of the Lord, New Year, May 1, as the Labor Festival, and October . A 12, as the National Holiday of Spain, will be respecte as national holidays.

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Royal Decree 2001/1983 of July 28 , on the regulation of the working day, special days and breaks establishes: The national labor Bulk SMS Malaysia holidays, of a . A paid and non-recoverable nature, will be the following: Of a civic nature: October 12, National Holiday of Spain. December 6, Spanish Constitution Day. According to the Workers’ Statute: 1 of January New Year.

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December 25, Nativity of the Lord. In compliance with Article III of the Agreement with the Holy See of January 3, 1979: August 15, May 1, Labor Party. Assumption of the Virgin. November 1, All Saints. December 8, Immaculate BLB Directory Conception. Holy Friday. In compliance with Article III of the Agreement with the Holy See of January 3, 1979: Holy Thursday January 6, Epiphany of the Lord.


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The philosophy of the common good is reveale when a work team assumes successes in a common way and faces failures under this share responsibility. Ethics begins to break down in the context of the company when the individualism of the ego seeks its own benefit. Therefore, there must be a clear balance between the rights and obligations that all members of a business have from their own job.

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While the technical functions may be different, depending on the job position; on the contrary, the ethical responsibility is always Bulk SMS Malaysia the same for everyone. In this sense, one way of limitation is through the imposition of rates. Characteristics of the ethics of virtue in the company Virtue ethics is demanding because it starts from the unconditional trust in the human being.

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As someone capable of assuming the commitment to develop their potential through willpower and knowlege reflection. In this ethical model, the boss is a benchmark for behavior before the workers, so there must be BLB Directory coherence between thought, feeling and action.That is, the boss must avoid showing significant inconsistencies between his words and actions.


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How can leading HR organizations address the nees of their employees and ensure that the value they offer is enough to keep them? Listen to the employees. If you ask the marketing department, they will surely point out that listening to . A who we want to sell to is the cornerstone of any successful campaign. Information must be collecte continuously, promoting communication and b2b. A good way to know what these nees are is to carry.

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Out surveys periodically (one a month, a semester or a year). Thus, they collect first-hand information on employee engagement, satisfaction Bulk SMS Malaysia and attitude and can identify the key factors behind each of these metrics. Although there is a but: many times they are not enough to know what the general feeling of the squad is. Those responsible for each area must know their workers and their nees.

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Facilitating communication, showing . A empathy with the real problems of employees, organizing events outside the office so that people BLB Directory can show themselves in other facets of lifeContinuous improvement processes Facilitate access to training for employees. In this way, specialize profiles will be achieve, without having to fight in the current job market.