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This conundrum has eluded many experts

Zero Please consider the quality and relevance of the web page. That’s what editing is for How to Manage a Website Migration without Losing Rankings Home Blog SEO Tips How to Manage a Website Migration without Losing Rankings Year Month Day Content How to Manage a Website Migration without Losing Positions for years. There are many types of website migrations including website redesigns and even domain name changes. In this article I will only discuss website migrations that require changes. From preparing for migration to implementing monitoring I’ll give you some keys to avoid common mistakes. Are you ready to jump in the deep end? Prepare for a website migration Migrating web content to a new website is a risky project. Manage website migration without losing your position.

Migration requires careful preparation

By first defining the main goals of the Russia Telemarketing Data site migration. Then identify periods of slow site activity to migrate to the new version. This will allow you to deal with the loss of visibility on search engines more calmly. Preparations begin once you have appointed a website migration project manager. Full crawl of your site The first step to a successful migration is to set up a full crawl of your site. There are multiple sources that allow you to export a list of sites from Google Search Console to your crawler tools like this one and many others. A technical review by an expert is highly recommended. This will allow you to identify errors that already exist on your website. You can then correct them before changing your domain name or redesigning your website. Prepare a planned redirection that redirects every page on your website.

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Moving to a plan or migration plan involves

Redirecting for each deprecated setting. This is a critical step Poland Email List in ensuring your future website stays online. Fix Redirect and Index Errors When crawling old websites you may find redirect errors, code redirect loops, etc. Some orphan pages that are avoided by indexing robots have escaped your notice. Fix all these technical errors before moving on to the next step. Determine Redirects You should keep the same number of pages with the same content in the event of a simple domain name change. In this case redirect each to its new address. If instead your site migration involves a complete overhaul of its architecture you will have to make a choice. Avoid massive redirects to your new website’s homepage at all costs. This is probably a bad approach.