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Whether you decide to move your website

You can also modify each one present in the page code. For example, consider updating multilingual or mobile sites and comments. Prepare a new sitemap file Before migrating to a new version of your website, prepare a new sitemap file. process and monitoring indexes. Additional steps may be required depending on your migration type. But for our example we will continue. It’s time to take the plunge and start migrating your website. You put your site into production and pray you don’t lose your position. Unfortunately during a website migration a loss of visibility is inevitable. But if you follow all the tips listed so far you should be able to avoid common website migration mistakes. But the game isn’t over yet.

Should a complete website migration

To a version or change domains, it can be Senegal Telemarketing Data done in stages. For migration projects involving large sites with large amounts of content and content, start by migrating a single section if possible. Choose a subdomain with less traffic and observe the errors that occur when it goes online. This allows you to limit your risk. On the other hand for small websites it is better to migrate all domain pages at once. On the contrary, it will lead to inconsistent user experience. Also selecting a full upload gives the crawler more time to complete its work. This allows you to manage the migration of your website without losing your position for an extended period of time. and check that the new version of your site is indexable because you can never be too careful so go back and review your files and.

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Speed up the process of restoring nature. You can also use Switzerland Email List the inspection tool to check important pages. As the name suggests it allows you to check and understand its index status. Continue to update your settings. The Domain Name System records associated with your old site need to be updated. The process may vary depending on the server provider. It’s up to you to decide what to do. Change takes a while to happen so you’d better do it quickly. Change Tools and Sites on Social Networks Now that your new website is live you need to make changes to it everywhere. Below is a non-exhaustive list of updated locations for advertising campaigns, social media accounts, tools such as digital marketing tools, email signatures. If your migration is a simple domain name change without changing the URL and content.