The Dangers Of Digital

Therefore, an ethical model that guarantees the professional development of employees is one that pursues the happiness of workers. A happiness that does not have the character of a means, but is an end, like an immanent action. In some companies, people are use as a means, as shown by the case of those businesses in which workers feel they are just another number, that is, a philosophy of depersonalization.

Such As Urban And Industrial

The employee feels detache from his own identity to feel one more in the middle of the mass. The ethics of virtue develope by Plato and Aristotle is key in the development of constructive habits that help human beings to improve Bulk SMS Nepal themselves through the search for excellence in the practice of good. How can you determine what is good considering.

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Strict Compliance With Water Regulations

That this criterion is not measurable and quantifiable in mathematical terms? From the business point of view, ethics must pursue actions that guarantee the common good , since the well-being of the team nourishes the self-esteem BLB Directory of each one of the members of the group and creates an environment of well-being that fees the creativity of the employees and their emotional involvement in the project.


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