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Website architecture plays a very important role in e-commerce. In particular, you need a unique navigation hierarchy from the homepage of your website to the category pages to the products listed within those category pages. Simple website architecture will help search engines rank your e-commerce website Search engines will be able to discover your product pages on your website based on an easy-to-follow internal linking structure. A good rule of thumb to remember for both search engines and website visitors is to make sure all content is found within clicks. page on your website should be at most clicks. Internal Links Link building is an important part of e-commerce Internal links serve two main purposes. Encourage visitors to continue exploring you.

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on your website showing how pages relate to each Bulgaria Telemarketing Data other thus boosting eCommerce SEO. For example you can link related products to each other or link products to related blog posts to improve ecommerce SEO. Product page optimization ensures that you focus a lot of your efforts on the product page itself. After all, these are the core of your business. Here are some things you need to pay attention to Product Name The name you decide to name your product is important. Product pages are more likely to rank in searches when you use the right keywords. In many cases it will also be used in the title of the product page. So you’ll most likely want to consider adding common search terms or keywords to the products you sell. As an added bonus if your product.

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Will be used in the post title. Optimize Images It’s no surprise Cambodia Phone Number List that images play a vital role in product pages. Think about when you shop online on other e-commerce websites. Are you likely to buy a product when its image quality is low or worse there is no image at all? Images are important not only for your customers but also for you. High-quality images play a vital role in e-commerce campaigns. To start properly optimizing images for search you need to start with the filename itself. Make sure the file name is relevant to the product. For example, the name of the photo file plays an important role in the product page. If you have additional views of the product, be sure to include the keys that people will use when searching for the image in search.

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