The ready made list of negative keywords

The ready cheat clickjacking cryptojacking promoting simulations of user actions Association of sites in a group: Affiliation For identical snippets For the advertising component: annoying ads Deceptive and reundant advertising For cheating mobile users Advertising that misleads Intrusive alerts For adult content: Adult filter For content and business quality: Yandex AGS search filter Supplementary Results Panda Poor business For the focus of the resource: Ban Different types of manual sanctions For breaking the law Let us consider in more detail the main filters of the Yandex search engine. Re-optimization When using it, the relevance of the document in Yandex decreases.

List of standard universal negative keywords

Good to know: What is a semantic core, how to assemble for a website SEO in Reasons for re-optimization One of the reasons for this filter is the incorrect definition of site performance photo editor metrics. The Yandex search engine filter is applie immeiately if it has been establishe that: A large cluster of keywords in one place, usually considere the ratio of words per page Key words are entere illogically, look unnatural, catch the eye with their clumsiness and obtrusiveness, are highlighte in bold Presence of technical synonymization in the text How to identify an overoptimize site.

List of standard universal

The sign of the definition will be that the site has disappeare from the top pages of the search engine. Such pages lose traffic dramatically. Positions can drop up to points. How to withdraw. In this case, full, competent eiting of the text is require. All occurrences must be replace, keywords change. Be sure to reuce the number of keys. The page nees to be BLB Directory reesigne so that it is readable, interesting for users, and carries useful and accessible information. Spam It reuces relevancy in queries. Yandex imposes a sanction on the text when it is clearly oversaturate with the same type of words, keys.

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