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The top challenge for businesses, with data integrity and access risks being recurring themes. Like other technologies, public and private clouds have privacy and security controls in place to ensure legitimate access to data. However, experts admit that there may be some risks associate with migrating to the cloud. At the end of the day though, it’s about managing those risks, just like you would in a traditional infrastructure.

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There’s no denying that you nee to have solid systems and processes in place to protect your data. But once that’s done, most Bulk SMS Service in Sri Lanka companies find that the other advantages of moving to the cloud outweigh the security risk. Myth 2. Moving infrastructure to the cloud is troublesome and costly Some CIOs find moving to the cloud itself a limiting factor, both in terms of the hassle and costs involve. For many of them, upgrading existing systems seems like a better option.

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Than moving to a new environment. And while that may be true on the cost side in specific situations, there’s something to be said for the scalability and reuce total cost of ownership that the cloud provides over the years. Plus, partnering BLB Directory with an experience service provider can ensure a quick migration with the least amount of downtime. Myth 3. Cloud features and services are a fad Despite the fact that the cloud has been on the rise for some time.



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