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They receive a photo of. Now you don t have to use services for collecting subscribers. Into a single database , but simply specify all cities in the targeting settings. The same applies to groups of competitors. What to advertise? Landings , promotions , communities , competitions , websites , products , services , meetings , events.  Update retargeting pixel. Now you only ne to install it once on all pages of the site. It will track the audience. Which can be configure bas on specific criteria directly in the advertising account. For example , you can collect users who were interest in certain goods or services on the site.

A product via social media

Made an order earlier, or , conversely , did not pay for it. Using a photo editing servies pixel, you can show ads precisely to the target audiences. Who benefits from using it. Advertisers who attract audiences to the site. What to advertise? Select depending on the actions perform by the user on the site. For example , offer to complete a purchase or receive a discount. On a product you are interest in. . Reform in the advertising system. To solve the problem of low grade advertising in communities. VKontakte plans to offer community administrators an exchange they post advertising approve by.

Fifth Key Don't Forget About Real Life

VKontakte moderators and in return. Receive a portion of the process BLB Directory from its sale. Benefits the administrator does not ne to take any actions to make a profit , the quality of the audience significantly affects revenue , so the promotion of bots will drop to zero, the quality of advertising will increase due to personalization and moderation. Users will not suffer from an overabundance of advertising. Community administrators will have a stable income. Who benefits from using it. Administrators of VKontakte communities. What to advertise? Moderate posts that VKontakte will offer them.

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