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On the other hand, this limitation implie by the rates must not incur in arbitrariness, it must respect the principle of legal certainty and must be base on the protection of other rights, assets or constitutional interests. With regard to these last requirements, it must be verifie that the rates are include in a norm with the force of law, so that respect for the principle of legal certainty can be verifie.

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Likewise, they are base on the protection of a right or good of constitutional interest: the rationalization of Justice and improvement of the financing of its system, so that effective judicial protection can be guarantee.The Constitutional Court, for its part, has already admitte that fees can be a way of financing the justice system, through Bulk SMS Philippines its ruling 20/2012. Therefore, the constitutionality of Law 10/2012 will not depend on whether or not the fees must be paid, but on their disproportionate nature or not.

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Court Orders and Fee Amounts The fees, roughly speaking, imply the conjunction of two factors: a variable amount, depending on the amount of the proceure, and a fixe amount, depending on the type of process. Regarding the BLB Directory orders in which court fees were payable, it is necessary to review the civil and contentious-administrative orders. Basically, they were require for the purposes that will be cite below: the formulation of the initial writings in the civil claim proceure.


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