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There is unanimity in the conclusion regarding the deficient performance of justice in Spain. Basically, the slowness and certain paralysis are due to the scarcity of means to respond to the growing number of cases that accumulate in the courts. In this regard, the imposition of fees for access to justice can be interprete as a way of discouraging excessive recourse to justice and an attempt to raise funds that serve to inform a more agile and solvent justice system.

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However, the progressive forces mentione above label these measures as reactionary, so that the discussion on this legal Bulk SMS Vietnam issue is serve. An introduction to the legal debate on the imposition of fees in Justice The publication, on November 21, 2012, of Law 10/2012, on judicial fees, cause, apart from the aforementione social and political debate, a succession of appeals.

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The Constitutional Court (for example, that of the Governing Council of the Junta of Andalusia). Effective judicial protection, relate to the BLB Directory universal and free access of the citizens of Spain to Justice, is protecte by article 24 of the Constitution, but it must be emphasize, in this regard, that in general, fundamental rights are susceptible of limitation. That is, its guarantee is not absolute, in all cases.


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