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Speechify is an innovative mobile and desktop application that uses computer-generated text-to-speech voices to read text aloud.

a student at Brown University, created the program as a custom way to organize his assigned readings.

Speechify includes powerful text-to-speech tool.

Speechify creates interesting audio from printed texts by allowing you to take pictures of real books or printed text, promoting an inclusive learning environment.

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Speechify uses optical character telephone lists recognition technology, which is one of its unique features. You can convert written text and physical books into accessible audio information with this powerful OCR technology.

You can now listen to the content being read aloud by simply taking a picture of it.

The gap between written text and audio learning is being bridged, empowering people with different learning styles and increasing inclusion and the fun of education.

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Speechify’s new AI text-to-speech technology lets you listen at your own pace.

You can read up to nine times faster BLB Directory than a normal reader. Which allows you to process information quickly and efficiently.

With the blb directory help of this tool, students can. Study more material in less time. Which improves productivity and memory.

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