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The industrial engineer. His contribution in the search and application of energy efficiency measures, reuction of carbon emissions and development of renewable energies is essential. Even more so considering the objectives for 2020 that the EU has impose with the Action Plan for Energy Efficiency: 20% more energy efficiency and the use of renewables and 20% less carbon emissions.

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The energy consumption. This knowlege of energy and the search for energy efficiency spreads, as we will see below, to any other field of action. Mobility and transport . Emissions and energy efficiency are also an important part SMS Gateway Denmark of the debate on mobility and transport. In this sense, the industrial engineer adds value to the technological development of vehicles.

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Due to his knowlege in logistics, he will also participate in the planning and management of urban or interurban transport networks BLB Directory and freight transport, be it land, sea or air. The increase in sustainability in this field has a large potential growth space. Urban renewal and building . How the territory develops and municipalities grow cannot but be a priority debate in this century.


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